The Collection


purifying and anti-inflammatory.
With 72% extra dark chocolate and essential bitter orange oil.


The fresh and energizing notes of orange evoke the sunny atmospheres of the Mediterranean and, mixing with the intense and enveloping notes of cocoa, take you further to the tropics with smells and flavors that intensify and frame each other. The bitter orange essential oil is energizing and invigorating. It is useful against melancholy, brings joy, and removes insecurities.


Bergamot: with antiseptic and antistress properties.
With extra dark chocolate and essential Bergamot oil.


This chocolate, gives a feeling of joy and well-being, thanks to the Bergamot fresh and joyful notes. In fact, in aromatherapy the Bergamot essential oil is used to restore optimism and serenity, by fighting stress and reducing states of agitation, confusion, depression and fear. Such oil – when extracted from plants grown in the Grecanic belt of Calabria, and because of that microclimate – is provided with anti-volitilization organleptic characteristics, well known in the perfume industry around the world.


Lavender: reduces anxiety and improves concentration.
With 70% extra dark chocolate and essential lavender oil.


This chocolate, gives a feeling calming caress. Lavender essential oil exerts a balancing action of the central nervous system, being simultaneously tonic and sedative; it calms anxiety, agitation, nervousness, relieves headaches and helps you sleep.

Tangerine: purifying and relaxing.
With 72% extra dark chocolate and essential tangerine oil.


Chocolates with a delicate and delicious taste. Their essential oil counteracts obesity and water retention; it also regulates the nervous system, and is an excellent sedative for anxiety states.

Mint: digestive and antibacterial.
With extra dark chocolate and essential mint oil.


It provides an intense feeling of well-being, already by smelling the fresh scent it releases. It helps digestion and deodorizes the breath.

Chili pepper: antioxidant.
With 72% extra dark chocolate and chili powder.

Chili pepper

The hot pepper brings chocolate its ardor and amplifies the vibrant notes of chocolate which thus expresses even more intensely the most hidden scents of the distant lands of origin. The red pepper is able to stimulate blood flow, and therefore activate the metabolism. In addition to improving circulation, it allows the capillaries to remain elastic and improve blood oxygenation. It is also able to facilitate digestion by promoting the secretion of gastric juices. It is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, and for this reason it is considered an aphrodisiac.


Dark chocolate 72% and
essential oil blend with cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus, rosemary and orange


In this chocolate, there is an oil essential blend with cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus, rosemary and orange which gives a feeling of welcome and protestino. In fact, the blend stimulates the immune system and the body unconsciusly feels it and has the impression to entering a cozy cottage