The Quality

Ingredients in these chocolates have been carefully chosen so that they can bring joy and well-being to those who taste them.
Among the best cocoa qualities from different parts of the world, a blend of Forastero and Criollo with 72% cocoa has been selected. Their smells and aromas harmonize with those of the chosen essential oils.
The essential oils used in these chocolates have a certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, and are therefore suitable for intake.
Although each essential oil has its own specific activity, all, even if to varying degrees, have antiseptic and antibiotic properties and are able to support our immune defenses.
The action carried out by essential oils is enhanced by that of chocolate, which improves mood by containing high amounts of tryptophan. This is a precursor amino acid of serotonin, also called the happiness hormone, since it has an important effect on mood, sleep, sexuality and appetite.
The presence of flavonoids is also able to determine an improvement in blood flow. The rather low glycemic index makes it suitable for consumption by people with diabetes. The chocolate used in these chocolates can also be used by people with celiac disease, being gluten-free.