I had always been fascinated by the idea of ​​preparing food that made me feel good. Since I was a child, in fact, I suffered from various food intolerances, and it made me sad that good things would hurt me.

So, I started experimenting with good recipes using healthy ingredients that replaced those I couldn’t digest. I prepared cookies using oil instead of butter, raisins and cooked apples instead of sugar.

I added orange, lemon, tangerine peel, almond flour, hazelnuts … and each time it was a new creation. One day, a friend taught me how to make chocolates. It was a wonderful discovery!

I started looking for the best chocolate, not only based on the flavor, but also on the origin, and on the quality. I tried many types, and experimented by adding chilli, ginger, vanilla, and by making a thousand fillings.

Then I left for Holland, where the gloomy and cold weather put a strain on me. I met a naturopath who advised me of high purity essential oils that could be taken and had various positive effects on the body.

So, I started using essential oils by dissolving them in a glass of water or a teaspoon of honey. I found that they were good for me. Unconsciously, I preferred to use above all those obtained from the plants grown in my birthplace area, that pampered and revitalized me. Orange, mandarin, lemon, lavender, mint and others …


Then, I said to myself: why not add essential oils to chocolate? So, I started preparing mint chocolates to digest, lavender to relax, bergamot, mandarin and orange when I was longing for my land and I needed its energy and its aromas. It was a very successful experiment, because I found that the presence of essential oil enhanced the taste of chocolate and the other way around! Since they were very good, I also gave them to my friends who encouraged me to produce many and many others. Here’s where I started…